iSteps GPS Pedometer PRO App Reviews

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Not Good

I was looking for a pedometer to measure distance for running. After running approx 3 miles it told me I had gone .71 of a mile. Tried a few times and similar result. If you want it for walking I guess it would be ok, but for running it stinks!

Useful, Perfectly Functional, Great

It does exactly as advertised. The interface is excellent. Runs in the background with my iPhone tunes blaring. It stops counting when I get lazy and rest. Well worth every cent. Tx......

Does what it says but ...

I gave 4 stars to this small application to encourage some improvements. It works but: - Running or Walking buttons should be on the main screen. Automatic detection (run or walk) should be here too - total time should be in the logs, and be more accessible than in the setup menu - why do not track the run? With google map or smoething else? - A GPS support Will ne appreciated because distances are always precise. Good and simple application for the price... Recommanded

Okay For Walking, Not Running

Seems to assemble correct data for walking, but if you run, even with set to run, distance is way off. Ran 10 km (verified) and the unit told me only 7.6 km.

Very nice

Its very nice but I will be happy if we can be able to send results by email! Or to share on Facebook ;) Thanks for your good work!

Does What It Promises to Do

This app is well worth the price. It tracks your walking by the number of steps, the time of your walk, distance and calories expended. I just started a walking program and I need all the motivation I can get. I have a small issue. Once while checking my progress mid-walk, I may have unintentionally stopped the counter. Im not sure if this was my fault or the apps fault, but it was annoying. It works if you are holding the phone during your walk, or if you keep it in your pocket. Overall, great application!

Cant get no better than this

Great AP; also works very well with a action Jackson iphone case holder. A good way to monitor you mi/kal

Inaccurate when running!

Too bad

Fairly good, needs a little work

I agree with the others - it seems pretty accurate regarding step count and distance. I have tried it at the health club to compare it to the distance on our walking/running track, and it is pretty good. However, I am also frustrated that it wont work in the background, stops if you access your iPod or answer a phone call, and stops sometimes for no reason that I can determine. I must bump the display somehow. I have also found that it does not work well when held in your hand. Clipped to a belt or in a pocket work fine for me, but held in my hand it undercounts by about 40%.

Bit of a battery hog

Good app pretty accurate and works well only downside a good 2 hour walk amost drained the battery needs to work, as someone else said, in the background.

Needs work

Under counts and resets itself on occasion. Needs to run in the background as it wears down your battery quickly.

Its a turn off

This software has time and time again turned itself off no matter what you do to stop it. You can walk a half an hour and it tells you you took 31 steps and didnt leave your driveway.

Cant count daily steps

if you want to count your steps over the day, you cant do it with this product. Battery wont last more than a few hours.

Its a rip off

I purchased this app because the summary stated that I could use other apps while this one works in the background. Not true. I want my money back.


terrible, wasnt accurate at all, dont want to pay for it.

Ped apps arent so great until....

Until they figure out how to let it run in the background. It is fairly accurate, but if you go back to your iPod app, or answer a phone call, it will stop your count. Also, they should make the start -stop a slider so if u reach into your pocket to check your progress, you dont accidently turn it off. PLEASE figure out a way to LET IT RUN IN THE BACKGROUND! Your almost there. Also, if you could make time and distance a larger font so I dont have to put ok my glasses, that would be cool...


The app doesnt measre distance accurately or consistently. It doesnt work if other apps are on. Turns off if you receive a phone call. Sometimes turns off for no reason.

Loved it

Great app. Use it all the time. Doesnt seem to work with the new Apple upgrade. Hope that is fixed soon. I am missing this app.


Much improved. V1.4. Slide to click stop and start buttons. Havent tried running a background app while I walk, like NPR or PandoraUmmHmm

App Reads Well

This application reads well however as many have pointed out this app stops and fails to provide correct information. I checked the application as I walked out the door working fine after about one hour I checked and in had stopped working. Restarted for the next hour and it worked ok but the total walk was on logged in part. I will take this off my phone and kiss the $1.99 good bye, to bad there is no way for a refund? I know it is petty but hate to pay for something that does not work completely!!!!

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